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Organization:   Chicot Memorial Hospital Foundation
Location:   Lake Village
Grant Year:   2010
Grant Amount:   $60,182
Project Description:   Kids for Health program presents curriculum that targets disease prevention and health promotion. Currently, the program reaches 4,000 K-6 grade students from Chicot and Desha counties but hopes to serve an additional 4,000 students from Arkansas and Ashley counties.


  • The program provided health education in 15 schools in eight southeast Arkansas counties.
  • Children learned the importance of good nutrition, healthy lifestyles and tobacco prevention, as indicated by pre- and post-testing of knowledge.
  • Family members received information on how to make healthy choices for their families.

Lives Affected

Approximately 4,000 students in grades K-6 received training in healthy choices. (Met goal.)

Cost Effectiveness

The program reached many students in an eight-county area in an organized manner.

Advice to Other Organizations Starting a Similar Program

Establish a relationship with your schools and with community organizations that are attempting to implement coordinated school health programs.

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