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To achieve a healthier Arkansas population, where our citizens have timely access to useful information and needed health-care services that enable them to lead healthier lives.


The Blue & You Foundation acts as a recognized leader in improving the health of all Arkansans, through philanthropic giving and collaborative partnerships.

The Blue & You Foundation is part of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s heritage of caring and commitment to the better health of Arkansans. Established in 2001 and wholly funded by Arkansas Blue Cross, the Foundation is evidence of the Company’s intention to provide caring solutions to the health-care needs of Arkansans, and advances the Company’s commitment to corporate citizenship and the public good.

To achieve the goal of better health for all Arkansans, the Blue & You Foundation seeks to harness the power of partnership. By strategically focusing its grant funding on community-based solutions, the Foundation hopes to nurture community health leadership, foster collaboration and innovation, and leverage financial, human and community resources to produce a measurable, positive impact. Simply put, the mission of the Blue & You Foundation is to work together with others to create a state of better health for all Arkansans.

Operating Principles

The guiding principles of the Blue & You Foundation are philanthropy, integrity and accountability.

Philanthropy: We believe in giving back to the community, in helping the underserved and the less fortunate, in exercising corporate social responsibility and encouraging it in others, and in the power of caring and collaboration to improve the quality of life for all Arkansans.

Integrity: We believe in carrying out our mission with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, fairness, trustworthiness and respect for the value of all Arkansans, and we expect the same in our funded partners.

Accountability: We acknowledge our accountability to the “public trust” and believe in accepting responsibility for the prudent management and good stewardship of the financial resources and corporate reputation entrusted to us. We recognize the tremendous human value and benefit that can result from well-managed collaborations (or that can be wasted through poorly-managed efforts), and we expect similar accountability from our funded partners.

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